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Making impact investing work

Sustainable Capital connects the dots between those wanting to make socially responsible investments and ambitious ESG-compliant companies that need capital.

Sustainable Capital is recognised on the NASDAQ Sustainable Bond Network.

The expert team combines financial services experience with academic insight into society's most pressing needs.

Sustainable Capital PLC is a UK based issuer that offers a flexible, quick to market solution for green and sustainable bonds. Providing a comprehensive service, the Sustainable Capital platform includes structuring support, ongoing administration, listing and clearing on international systems.

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Altech is an ASX listed company who produces 99.99% High Purity Alumina (HPA), a key material used in the manufacturing of the booming EV market. The disruptive technology employed by Altech reduced CO2 production by 46% and energy consumption by 41%, adding a positive impact on the whole value chain.

Available in USD and AUD.

Aidu Wind Farm

The 12-year green bond will provide funding to complete the 'shovel-ready' Aidu Wind Farm by 2025; making Aidu the largest onshore wind farm in the Baltics. Aidu will receive an Estonian State Subsidy at 53.7€/MWh for 12 years (AA- Positive Outlook) and already has PPAs in place with the Latvian state energy company.

Available in EUR.

Orestes Sustainable Income

Orestes combines impact investing, Greenium, and sustainable development in an easily accessible actively managed portfolio with a focus on returning cash to investors. Ethical investing above all else with subsequent focus on liquidity and inflation linked performance. Orestes, for Sustainable income and a Sustainable world.

Available in EUR and GBP.

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The 2020-F1 GBP Notes are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

These are “Green Bonds” compliant with ICMA standards assessed and verified by Sustainalytics.

The Notes are amortising from year 3 and provide a quarterly fixed income for the five year term.

Sustainable Capital PLC 2020-F1 GBP ISIN
5 year 8.21%
Sustainable Capital PLC 2020-F1 USD ISIN
5 year 8.14%
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