Campaign for Better Governance

Professor Kevin Haines
February 2022

“[W]e believe the investment sector should be practising what it preaches and ensuring that, alongside the businesses to which it allocates capital, its own governance is at the highest possible level.” Campaign for Better Governance

The four core UK and European brands of Last Word Media (ESG Clarity, Expert Investor, International Adviser and Portfolio Adviser) have joined forces to launch a Campaign for Better Governance by investment professionals – for the greater benefit of their businesses and those they serve.

As part of the Campaign for Better Governance, they undertake to:  

  • Showcase examples of good governance through analytical articles and video interviews with key members of both the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side of the investment sector
  • Hold to account companies that fail to meet the levels of governance their stakeholders have the right to expect of them and  
  • Publish a monthly newsletter offering coverage on governance inside and outside of the investment industry highlighting best practice and where there may be room for improvement.

Contact should you wish to get involved.


We addressed the issue of good governance in a previous briefing note (I can send anyone who asks a copy). Essentially good governance is about ensuring that your company operates in an ethical (and legal, of course) manner – in all its dealings with staff and clients. In the briefing note however, we argued two essential things: 

  1. that without good G there is no ES and therefore no ESG. The Campaign for Better Governance is, therefore, both timely and necessary. It should receive widespread support.
  1. good governance is a much wider topic than internal company behaviour. Crime, for example, from fraud to animal trafficking, undermines ESG efforts and it is governments (from around the World) that must front up in their good governance efforts and activities if the broader ESG strategies are to be effective.
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