Sustainable Practices

Professor Kevin Haines
February 2022

Bedford Row Capital and Sustainability

Bedford Row Capital has established itself as a thought leader in ESG and SGD related developments for Issuers, Investors and in its own business conduct.

Bedford Row Capital has adopted a full range of ESG policy exemplars covering all aspects of internal company governance, ranging from family friendly policies, through educational release to healthy workplace practices.

The company has integrated ESG assessments in all its due diligence activities as well as providing advice to clients on enhancing ESG/SDG compliant activities in their business practices. We do not seek to replicate or replace ESG ratings agencies, but we have developed our own bespoke easy to understand and user-friendly traffic light-based ESG assessment tool.

The company has launched a dedicated sustainable capital platform and sharia compliant platforms. We are seeking to further integrate ESG/SDG objectives within the Islamic funding paradigm in partnership with the leading non-governmental organisations like the CityUK and the UKIFC.

We produce and share widely regular Briefing Notes addressing important (and sometimes contested) aspects of ESD, SDG matters and related topics. These Briefing Notes are one page and contain distilled information on, for example, the notion of circularity, the European Green Deal and the Global Reporting Initiative, as well as an assessment from a BRC perspective.

Bedford Row Capital is an active member of UKSIF as well as a signatory to a range of global initiatives.

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The BRC team brings together a wealth of experience in designing, structuring, operating and promoting listed debt securities. The management team includes experience across virtually all aspects of financial services including actuarial, underwriting, insurance (life and non-life), equity capital markets, fund management, conduit programmes and of course debt capital markets. The focus on debt capital markets is supported by a transaction management team which looks after clients both up to listing and secondary markets support. BRC relies on its connections and relationships to provide a one-stop shop for businesses looking to access the debt capital markets.

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