The UK’s Green Recovery?

Professor Kevin Haines
  1. increase wind power (particularly offshore) 
  2. invest in hydrogen
  3. implement plans for more nuclear-based power generation
  4. invest in electric vehicles
  5. develop cleaner public transport
  6. develop zero emission aircraft and ships
  7. reduce energy bills
  8. develop carbon capture and storage industry
  9. Plant 30,000 trees by 2025 (thereby absorbing carbon) 
  10. commercialise new low-carbon technologies
  11. commercialise new low-carbon technologies

And there is actually an 11 – make the City of London a global centre for green finance.


“We will fight them on the beaches”. Boris Johnsons ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ is strong on rhetoric (and short on detail). There is also a sense in which it lacks ambition and is short on impact. Nevertheless, it does represent a constructive attempt to grapple with climate change and the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

What disappoints me the most, however, is the sole focus on a restricted target of carbon emissions. The E in SG is much bigger and much broader than carbon emission and Johnson’s strategy does not touch the S and the G. A missed opportunity?

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